Who founded BEMSA and why did you start the blog?
Becky, Emily and Talisa are the founders of BEMSA. The idea came one night when they were all at dinner and Talisa mentioned wanting to start her own blog, Emily had previously had a, very successful, blog and Becky thought the idea of a blog sounded great. As the night progressed the fabulous idea of creating a joint blog arose with Talisa focusing on food and restaurants, Emily focusing on fashion and Becky doing a range of things. After thinking long and hard about what to call their new blog they decided to combine all of their names together and came up with "BEMSA".

What do you do? 
We are all currently students.

When did you start blogging? 
We started writing in February 2013.

I'm a company & I'd like to get in touch. How can I contact you? 
You can email us at contactbemsa@gmail.com. If you want to contact a specific one of us please mention our name in the subject field.

Unfortunately we can't respond to emails of a personal nature, as we'd be at it all day! 

If you need to tell us something or have any questions you want answered you can ask us in the comment section or via Twitter.

Do you have personal social networks?
Yes, we all do. They are not particularly interesting but here they are anyway:

Do any of your have solo blogs?
Yes, Talisa has her own beauty blog : www.talisatalksbeauty.blogspot.com

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